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  1. Go Away, Xanterra!

    Anybody else feel that Kingsmill’s e-mail blast of March 24 concerning the eagles impacting construction work on the 18th hole of the Plantation course was just a bit too ironic? The message was utterly desperate in terms of Xanterra trying to portray themselves as the good guys. On the one hand (the much larger hand) these raiders stand ready to tear up large expanses of previously natural wooded habitat that supports all kinds of wildlife in favor of building new, ethically-compromised homes but on the other they’re such sensitive folks for stopping work on a golf course renovation to protect the eagles (something that they had to do anyway to abide by Federal law). What a bunch of self-serving drivel …

  2. Has anyone read Proffers 6 & 7 in the the Transmittal letter sent by Xanterra to JCPC on December 2? They state that any purchasers of the proposed new homes will have to acknowledge “a significant impact” due to current and any future activities of the theme park or brewery — noises, smells, lights and any other disturbances! The owner will have no rights to complain about any nuisance from the theme park or the brewery.
    Moreover, the new owners will also have to “grant an irrevocable and perpetual easement over the entirety of the Restricted Parcels in favor of, and for the benefit of, the Sea World Parcels and the owner thereof, for the purpose of permitting such Theme Park Operational Conditions”. Same for the brewery.
    Who will buy a home with such conditions if these conditions are properly brought to their attention?

  3. Beth N. Rossheim

    I am watching the postings from Xanterra with interest and dismay. It appears that all of the amenities that guided my (and others’) purchase of a home here are being monitored, subject to passes and fees, and required to ask and receive permission to use–both residents and guests. I am extremely troubled by the consistent dogmatic pronouncements that accompany an ” invitation” to utilize the facilities here. I shudder to think that Xanterra actually believes that long-term residents, as I am (22 years) are actually going to acquiesce to these rules. Fortunately, there are beaches nearby that we can use unencumbered and many fine restaurants that would profit by our business. Am I suggesting a boycott of Xanterra? Well, maybe. However, I can envision at least two items that could assuage this situation without harm to anyone.
    1) Xanterra could grandfather in anyone who has been a resident here for a significant time period (perhaps 5-10 years) and allow them use of the facilities initially provided without charge for the duration of their residency.
    2. Xanterra could reach out to the Kingsmill permanent community before any major development occurs in order to seek consensus on how to proceed without rancor. I, for one, would be far more forgiving if Xanterra adopted a less officious tone. It would be to advantage of all residents if we could strike a cooperative stance, with Xanterra leading by example.
    Thank you for the opportunity to comment.

  4. Thank you for setting up this forum. Xanterra’s attempt to destroy some of the last undeveloped space in Kingsmill is unconscionable. LONG after everyone has made their money off of our land, we will still be here. With our once beautiful riverfront littered with houses, our once beautiful and famed River Course views ruined by houses at Burwell’s Bluff, and our Country Road bulldozed into history, Kingsmill will be no more. Xanterra needs to take a careful look at their morals.

  5. Xanterra purchased the 136 acres now under consideration based on a valuation using the existing Master Plan. Now, they want our community to enrich them by allowing amendment of the Master Plan, in return for which the community gets what? Higher density housing, lower property values, destruction of buffer zones protecting us from Busch Gardens noise, pipeline accidents, etc. And … what’s that in their website about "setting the standard for ecologically sound resorts that complement, not harm their natural surroundings"? When they turn around a few months later and sell the 136 acres to a builder at enormous profit, where does that leave us??

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