Please tell us . . .

Is this website useful?
Do you think it is useful to have a website that allows you to express your views about Kingsmill?

One Response to Please tell us . . .

  1. Xanterra has snatched my communtiy spirit and the enjoyment of living in Kingsmill. It is truly a sad time in my life. I no longer feel welcome in all of my community as Xanterra tries to ostracize anyone who does not join “The Club.” When we bought here the first thing, even before showing us our home the real estate agent showed us the river and marina. It was so beautiful. That night the real estate agent and her husband took us to the golf club for dinner. We were sold! We bought the home and have now lived in harmony with the resort and guests for 12 years. All of a sudden our joy of living here has been severely undermined as Xanterra tries to blackmail all residents into joining “The Club”. So so so sad. Happy New Year Xanterra and your worker bees in Kingsmill.

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