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Xanterra withdraws Kingsmill Master Plan amendment proposals

Tuesday March 18:  Xanterra has asked James City County to  withdraw the rezoning portion of their application and also to withdraw all portions of the Kingsmill Master Plan amendment of the application.

However they have indicated that they plan to file a new application in the near future.

This development makes it clear that Xanterra’s plans were ill-conceived from the outset.  The many objections raised by residents at the March 5 Planning Commission meeting presented numerous roadblocks to the proposals, some of which were legal obstacles that Xanterra probably could not overcome, despite their apparent willingness to try to steam-roller the many legitimate complaints.

Residents plan to redouble their efforts to ensure that any future refiling of the same or similar plans by Xanterra meets the same resistance that the withdrawn proposals encountered.

What are Xanterra’s intentions?

JCC For Sale

“Disingenuous” seems to be hardly a strong enough word for the types of tricks that Xanterra and Winding Road Development are willing to play to win approval for their plans to build along the Country Road.

Did they refuse to provide the school proffers, knowing that this was a mandatory requirement in James City County, so that the Planning Commission would turn down their proposal on those grounds, without considering the many other legitimate reasons to deny approval?

This gave Xanterra and WRDC the opportunity to hear the many objections expressed by Kingsmill residents so that they can plan a response.

Did they provide 12 additional proffers, all very minor in nature, immediately before the meeting so that the Planning Commission would not have time to consider them, allowing Xanterra to request a deferral of the decision.

At the next Planning Commission meeting, which will in effect be a continuation of the March 5 meeting as far as this issue is concerned, will Xanterra and WRDC be allowed to make another presentation, while residents who have already spoken at the March 5 meeting will be denied the opportunity to speak again?

If Xanterra and WRDC are allowed to answer resident complaints while the resident complaints are no longer fresh in the minds of the Commissioners, will this make the Commissioners more likely to ignore those legitimate complaints?

And, when the proposal comes before the Board of Supervisors, will James City County be For Sale? Will it only be necessary for Xanterra to reverse its refusal to offer the school proffers to gain approval? Will they even be able to negotiate the value of the proffers to a lower amount? Will the legitimate objections of the many Kingsmill residents be overridden by greed once the proffers are included?

And what are Xanterra’s real intentions? Do they really plan to build these 207 homes and, if so, what is their timescale? Or do they just plan to sell lots? If the latter, will they clear many trees to build roads and install utilities, and when?

Or, more nefariously, do they plan to sell the entire 108 acres to a developer, such as Toll Brothers? Have they already discussed such a sale, or do they even perhaps have an already negotiated sale, contingent on approval of the Master Plan amendments?

Given the tricks that have already been played, it is clearly reasonable for Kingsmill residents to ask Xanterra for a detailed Statement of Intent. It is our community and we have more than 30 times as much invested in Kingsmill as Xanterra does.

If their intentions are honest and straightforward, there is no reason for Xanterra not to provide such a Statement of Intent.

Planning Commission Public Hearing on Kingsmill Rezoning and Master Plan Amendment

James City Planning Commission will hold a public meeting in Building F, County Government Complex at 7:00pm on Wednesday, March 5, 2014.

The Agenda will include discussion of the proposal for Kingsmill Rezoning and Master Plan Amendment.

The current staff recommendation is:
“Staff finds the proposal to be compatible with the Kingsmill master plan and consistent with the 2009 Comprehensive Plan Land Use Map and Zoning Ordinance; however, given the absence of proffers to mitigate expected impacts to the school system and to provide for diverse housing opportunities, both in accordance with policies previously adopted by the Board of Supervisors, staff is unable to recommend approval of this application in its current form. Staff also notes that this proposal does not meet the Adequate Public School Facilities test adopted by the Board of Supervisors for both Berkely M.S. and Jamestown H.S. Staff therefore recommends that the Planning Commission not support this rezoning/master plan amendment.”
See for full details.
Also see for details of the February 11, 2014 submission to the James City Planning Commission by Xanterra Kingsmill, LLC.

You are encouraged to attend the meeting and to express your opinions for or against this proposal.